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  1. Signups and Format
    1. Tournament Fees for this year is $15 per player.
    2. Included in Fee : Ice time, prizes and a L'Anse 3on3 puck
    3. Goalie Fee is: NOTHING.
    4. 30 players will be accepted; 4 goalies will be accepted.
    5. Spots are first come, first serve. Exceptions can be made.
    6. There is no age limitaions for this years tournament.
    7. After the 34 spots have been filled we will hold a draft to assign teams.
    8. 10 teams will be made, then split into 2 divisions, at random.
    9. If changes need to be made, commissioners are allowed to do so.
    10. Each team is guaranteed 4 games, with a possibility of 7.
    11. 80% of teams will move on to the playoffs.
    12. Playoff ties will be figured by head-to-head result.
    13. Playoff Champions will be awarded, along with runner up, top goalie, and scoring winner
    14. Winning goalies will be determined by G.A.A. for the tournament
  2. Game Format
    1. Games are played with 6:30 minutes halves, two halves per game.
    2. Playoff games will be bumped to 8 minute halves.
    3. If the game is tied at the end of regulation, a shootout will follow.
    4. Games will be played on half of the ice sheet.
    5. Before the game starts one team will be picked to start with the puck.
    6. After half time, the other team will start with the puck.
    7. To switch possession of the puck, one team must carry it outside of the blue line.
    8. When the puck is outside the blue line, no pressure is allowed.
    9. The entire team must clear the zone before players are allowed back in.
    10. After a goal is scored, the team that did not score gets free outs with the puck.
    11. A no checking rule will not be enforced.
    12. Fighting is punishable by expeltion
    13. Goaltenders will switch games at each half.
    14. Goalies must shoot the puck to the corner after freezing it.
    15. If one team commits a penalty, the opposing team will be awarded a free shot
  3. Other Rules
    1. The Commissioners have the right to change or bend rules at there discretion
    2. The $15 must be paid before the first game begins for a players team.
    3. All players must sign a safety waiver.
    4. Do not hit the camera man.
    5. All players in the tournament might have there pictures/videos posted.

Any Questions or Comments about any rules please e-mail us

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