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6th Year Goalie Schedule / Stats

  • 2 Goalies For Day One (Dec. 27th, 8:00) :: Dick Stark, Brian Rukkila
    • Dick Stark :: GP- 5 GA- 28 GAA-5.60
    • Brian Rukkila :: GP- 8.5 GA- 20 GAA-2.35
  • 2 Goalies For Day Two (Dec. 27th, 9:45) :: Rob DeVaun, Cleve Heikkala
    • Rob DeVaun :: GP- 8.5 GA- 38 GAA-4.47
    • Cleve Heikkala :: GP- 5 GA- 29 GAA-5.80
  • Top Goalie from each day moves on to championship day.
  • Top Goalie is decided by Commissioners.
Goalies will play 10 straight 8 minute halfs on each of the first round days.
Championship day will be 6 straight 9 minute halfs, followed by a split champion. game

NameHometownYears PlayedAwards GivenStats
Tony BiancoL'anse, MI1stMVG 1st Yearn/a
Dick StarkL'anse, MI1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th, 6thMVG 2nd Year
MVG 3rd Year
6.10 GAA 3rd Year
7.40 GAA 4th Year
5.60 GAA 6th Year
Matt IsaacsonTapiola, MI1stNonen/a
DuffekHoughton, MI1stNonen/a
Vance TesanovichL'anse, MI2ndNonen/a
Rob DeVaunRockford, MI2nd, 4th, 5th, 6thMVG 5th Year
Top GAA 5th Year
7.80 GAA 4th Year
5.20 GAA 5th Year
4.47 GAA 6th Year
Ian BerrymanHancock, MI2ndNonen/a
Jake IsaacsonBaraga, MI3rdNone9.8 GAA 3rd Year
Patrick GreeleyMarquette, MI3rdTop GAA 3rd Year6.0 GAA 3rd year
Joey KaramyuoL'anse, MI4th, 5thNone6.0 GAA 4th year
Brian RukkilaHoughton, MI4th, 6thTop GAA 4th Year
MVG 4th Year
Top GAA 6th Year
MVG 6th Year
5.88 GAA 4th Year
2.35 GAA 6th Year
Kevin CorcoranIngleside, IL5thNone9.0 GAA 5th Year
Cleve HeikkalaCalumet, MI5th, 6thNone6.5 GAA 5th Year
5.8 GAA 6th Year
Tom DeschaineL'Anse, MI5thNone9.4 GAA 5th Year

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